8 Creative DIY Outdoor Christmas Decorations to Light Up Your Home

Christmas time is about holiday cheer and being jolly as can be, but along with that is having an awesomely decorated house and yard to compete with the Anderson’s that love to overspend at the big box stores. It’s time to show them and the rest of the neighborhood that you can have a winter wonderland without dipping into the Christmas gift fund.


Check out this Yuletide collection of DIY Outdoor Christmas Decorations to Light Up Your Home and get your neighbors in the spirit.

#1 Giant Christmas Ornaments

DIY giant christmas ornaments

Image source: hallmarkchannel.com
Forget buying an overly priced box of Christmas lights that will end up in a tangle ball mess. Make your own with cheap DIY materials that shouldn’t cost more than $20 bucks!

Materials: Plastic ball/small bucket (potato salad container from the local deli)/coat hanger/silicone glue that is waterproof/spray paint/art knife/garden hook. Tutorial.

#2 Christmas Pallet Tree

christmas pallet tree

Image source: craftriver.com

What a clever DIY Idea to make use of extra pallets lying around the home by incorporating them into your Christmas decorations or any holiday decor for that matter.

#3 Frosty the Snowman’s Meltdown

frosty the snowman lawn decoration

Image source: christmas.365greetings.com
The ideal decoration if you live in a tropical climate where a “white Christmas” just isn’t feasible. We love, LOVE this idea! So easy to make where all you need is wood shaped into a puddle add a white ball for the head, some gloves, lighting, and scarves, etc. Poor Frosty!

#4 Snowman Planter

homemade christmas decor

Image source: ideesandsolutions.org

If you like gardening we’re sure you have some extra potting planters lying around – transform them into a winter’s delight my making them into a three-tiered snowman or Santa Clause.

#5 Log “Fire” on the Porch

pine cones and log decor

Image source: craftriver.com
Treat your porch to a night time Christmas ambiance with a bucket filled with logs, pine cones, and LED lights to appear as roasting fire – let’s hope the neighbors don’t call the fire department.

#6 Present Topiary

christmas present topiary

Image source: acultivatednest.com

Everything about this Christmas present topiary is awesome! It’s a genius way to protect your topiary during the harsh winter without the appearance of trash bags in your yard, but to add some affordable Christmas cheer. Tutorial How-to-make.

#7 Christmas Lollipop Decor

christmas homemade decor lollipop yard stakes

Image source: loricurie.wordpress.com

An absolutely adorable DIY homemade Christmas lollipop yard stake that the whole family (kiddies included) can do together, and it involves simple materials. Paper plates, cellophane, glue gun, ribbon, paint, and wooden stakes, etc. Full tutorial here.

#8 Reindeer Logs

reindeer logs

Image source: twitter.com @xmaslogreindeer

Two words. Too cute! Such a clever little way of creating reindeer for Santa’s annual visit. Adorable wooden family.