9 DIY Backyard Party Decor Ideas on a Budget Sure to Impress

The idea of throwing an outdoor party can seem frightening instead of fun when you take into an account the budget or lack thereof when wanting to plan a kick butt party that your friends, colleagues, neighbors, and family will love and be impressed.


You don’t need to spend a lot of money, in fact, some items to use to have killer party decor is found in the home with a little imagination. Ignite that creative cranium of yours and let’s get to work starting with checking out our list of 9 DIY Backyard Party Decor Ideas on a Budget Sure to Impress. If you have any ideas you’d like to add let us know in the comments – We love new ideas that are affordable!

#1 Wine Barrel Cooler

wine barrel cooler

Image source: amazinginteriordesign.com

Absolutely genius! Here is a cool wine barrel that has been repurposed into an alcoholic (or sodas) drink cooler that will be loved by all your party guest, and you won’t have that lame styrofoam cooler creating a lackluster theme.

#2 Patio Table Cooler

patio table with built in cooler

Image source: ana-white.com

If you don’t have a wine barrel lying around the home maybe an old wooden patio table with benches? Cut out enough wood to screw in a couple of coolers, fill up with ice, instant fabulous DIY party decor.

#3 Tuna Can Lantern

tuna can lantern DIY idea

Image source: handimania.com

Oh, the creator of this tuna can lantern a bow for this impressive DIY party lights. I’m sure there are plenty of cat lovers (wet cat food can) and tuna fish eaters loving the idea of having a repurposed use of their tin cans.

#4 Mason Jar Lights

mason jar party lights

Image source: thegardenglove.com

Unless you plan on passing out pickles as a party favor, put the pickling of pickles on hold and use those versatile mason jars as unique ambiance for the backyard party. Drill a hole in the lid and attach the jars to a string of lights you have on-hand, even Christmas lights if you want extra color. We love this idea!

#5 Clay Pot Serveware

clay pots repurposed

Image source: refreshrestyle.com

Just thinking about all the clay pots we’ve given away because we didn’t have any more plants to use for them makes me queasy. Look at this clever way of repurposing clay flower pots. Kudos to the creative person who designed this budget-friendly serving pieces for outdoor parties. Cute!

#6 Pallet Outdoor Bar

DIY outdoor bar with pallets

Image source: diy-enthusiasts.com

A few old pallets, scraps of timber, and some paint can create an excellent backdoor bar with stools. Touch up the bar counter with a nice finish and you have yourself an affordable, yet stylish bar to entertain your guests.

#7 Outdoor Drive-in Theatre

DIY outdoor drive in party on budget

Image source: diyforlife.com

The image you see here is an instant “aww” factor. Such a cute way to entertain the kiddos on one side of the yard while the grown ups are mingling on the other side. It could also just be for an awesome kids party to enjoy a movie in the summertime. Your child will be the most popular on the playground if they were the host of this outdoor movie drive-in. 😉

#8 Canned Lighting

canned tins into lighting

Image source: goodhousekeeping.com

Forget about recycling those empty vegetable cans when you can upcycle them into excellent outdoor lighting. Prick some holes into them to add a creative design, paint the cans, and add battery operated tea light candles. Good-to-go!

#9 Glow in the Dark Planter

glow in the dark planter

Image source: itlob.blogspot.com

Jazz up the planters with some glow in the dark paint. Your guest will love the idea, and it won’t cost you much more than the price for the paint, but savings from the electric bill for the lighting will be worth it.

We’ve hoped you enjoyed the list of 9 DIY Backyard Party Decor Ideas on a Budget Sure to Impress and if you have any awesome ideas you’d like to add to help the readers out please share in the comments below. 🙂