17 Fun Ghoulish DIY Outdoor & Indoor Halloween Decorations 2016

Ah yes, it’s that ghoulish time of year again where the smell of pumpkins prepare your nose for the pumpkin pies that are right around the corner for Thanksgiving.


Dressing up and trick or treating is only half the fun of Halloween when decorating is concerned. Adults have more fun decorating for Halloween than kids have with trick or treating – Don’t quote us on that just a subjective observation. 😉

The DIY Halloween decorations don’t have to be spine chilling, some can, they can be fun and cute, too! However, decorations can be costly and can dust off the cobwebs from the wallet a little too quick. DIY Halloween decorations are not only cheaper to invest in, but MUCH MORE FUN! Let’s check out our list of the top 17 Fun Ghoulish DIY Outdoor & Indoor Halloween Decorations 2016 has to offer.

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#1 Yummy Witches Broomstick

DIY Halloween decorations

Image source: homesthetics.net

Here we have a goody filled witches broom made from brown paper that has been cut into strips to give it that broom look. The sweets are placed in the center and tied up to a branch, or you could use pretzel sticks tied up with black tape, or you can make it yummier with black licorice.

#2 Tin Can Halloween Lights

DIY tin can halloween lights

Image source: diyncrafts.com

Here is an affordable Halloween decoration if you already have canned vegetables and soups that are about to get eaten. Cut out holes to make whichever Halloween design you’d like (bat, pumpkin, ghost shapes?) and paint over the cans in a Halloween color then add battery operated tea lights and you now have an instant ghostly tin can decor.

#3 Black O’Lanterns

black O'Lanterns Halloween Decoration

Image source: sunset.com

Cat lovers all over the globe are going to head out the door to the nearest pumpkin patch to make this impressive, creative, ghoulish black o’ lantern. We love everything about this Halloween decoration. Creative!

#4 Candy Corn Centerpiece

candy corn centerpiece for halloween DIY

Image source: ashbeedesign.com

Not a huge fan of eating candy corn, but this candy corn centerpiece is an excellent DIY Halloween decor. Old wine bottles and candy corn spray paint colors and ribbon.

#5 Ghost Balloons

halloween ghost balloon glow sticks

Image source: marthastewart.com

Here are an easy peasy fun and cheap Halloween DIY decor. All you need to buy are balloons and those glow sticks. You take one glow stick and snap it to get the light activated and insert inside the white colored balloon and blow it up. Tie the balloon and draw your favorite ghostly face. You can find cheap glowsticks on Amazon.

#6 Monster Archway

monster archway halloween decoration DIY

Image source: niftythriftythriving.blogspot.com

Do you want a Halloween decoration that will provide instant aaaahhhh appeal? Go out and buy some white foam boards 1″ inch. Trace a scary set of eyes and teeth onto the foam and cut out with a handsaw. Add some acrylic paint for the pupils and hang up with long screws.

#7 Skeleton in Wheel Barrel

skeleton in wheel barrel DIY halloween decoration

Image source: supply.com

Isn’t this an eery sight to have displayed in the front yard for the mail carrier and other visitors. Will they seek further or take off running if it’s noticed before Halloween night?

Just toss in a FAKE skeleton and pour over some dirt inside an old wheel barrel and get ready to hear some screams. You can find the skeletons at any Halloween shop or for extra savings on skeletons through Amazon. Check out the second page for more scary Halloween decor navigation is below this message v v v 🙂


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