17 Fun Ghoulish DIY Outdoor & Indoor Halloween Decorations 2016


#8 Zig-Zag Pumpkin Planter

DIY halloween cheap decor zig zig pumpkin planter

Image source: eclecticallyvintage.com

You can find these plastic pumpkin candy baskets everywhere near Halloween time. They’re usually 99 cents or 2/1.00 on sale. Grab a bunch of them and plant some of your favorite flowers or buy plastic Halloween colored flowers and wait for all the compliments to roll in.

#9 Black Cat Eyes

cat eyes DIY halloween decor

Image source: columbian.com

Cut out some cat heads from thin black foam board. In addition to the cut out trace small eyes for a cut out to make room for a string of orange lights for the eyes. Scary and cool.

#10 Halloween Potions

halloween DIY potions

Image source: greatideas.people.com

A few old light bulbs, duct tape, black paint and some corkscrews from a few bottles of wine and you have a platter of mystical potions to scare off your “victims” when they enter your home.

#11 Eyes in the Bushes

eyes in the bushes using paper towel rolls

Image source: rustandsunshine.com

A spooky yet affordable Halloween decor eyes in the bushes. Collect empty toilet paper rolls or paper towel rolls, duct tape, and glow sticks. Cut out some creepy eyes then snap the glow stick to activate the light and insert it into the paper roll sealing the ends with duct tape. To save money on glow sticks ignite on Halloween instead of every night leading up to the ghoulish evening.

#12 Illuminated Ghost Garland

illuminate ghost garland DIY halloween decor idea

Image source: designdininganddiapers.com

An adorable string of illuminated ghost lights that will be fun to make. All you will need is a strand of white lantern lights, scissors, white string, cut up pieces of white cotton fabric, and a black marker – oh, and white string to tie around the ghost neck.

#13 Milk Jug Ghost Walkway

ghost milk jug walkway DIY halloween

Image source: wonderfuldiy.com

Adorable and affordable. Who doesn’t drink milk or have it weekly in the home? Stock up on the empty milk (or water etc.) jugs to get a creepily looking walkway to welcome your unsuspecting visitors. 🙂

#14 Haunting Flamingos

skeleton flamingos DIY halloween decorations outdoor

Image source: fashionretailnews.com

Floridians should get a kick out of this DIY Halloween Haunting Flamingo idea. Paint those lawn flamingos in black then using white paint, paint a skeleton. We love it!!! Now unless you live in Florida pink flamingo’s are not found at every corner store, ha, you can get a pack of 12 or less on Amazon – 12 pk pink flamingos.

#15 Spider Egg Sack

spider sack DIY halloween decoration old white socks

Image source: thexerxes.com

Just looking at this image is enough to make you check your surroundings for creepy crawly spiders – EEEK!

Alls it takes to make this spine-chilling DIY Halloween Spider decor is a few pairs of old white socks, a baseball or heavy amount of sand to produce the sagging effect and fake plastic spiders.

Hang these babies and watch passersby all to the spine chill wiggle as if they just sniffed strong vinegar. 😉

#16 Ghost in Mason Jar

ghost in mason jar DIY halloween craft decor

Image source: masonjarcraftslove.com

The amazing creation from those at masonjarcraftslove.com giving us this affordable and fun ghost in a mason jar decor. Here is their tutorial.

#17 Funeral for the Dead

DIY Halloween Outdoor decor skeleton carrying coffin

Image source: magment.com

A personal favorite right here. You will need four skeleton pallbearer’s, galvanized metal conduit for the poles, paint for the coffin, and a block of styrofoam for the “coffin” they’re carrying.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of 17 Fun Ghoulish DIY Outdoor & Indoor Halloween Decorations 2016, and if we find more, we will add them to the list. Please like, share, and follow us on Facebook. 🙂













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