15 Fun DIY ideas to Repurpose an Old Ladder on a Budget

The images you’re about to see are some of the most fun, unique and creative ways to repurpose a ladder that is no longer needed. Who would’ve thought that a ladder can switch from a logical home necessity into a  multi-purpose home decor? Not only are you getting budget-friendly decor, but you’re getting that stunning rustic look.


You all seriously need to check out this list of 15 Fun DIY Ideas to Repurpose an Old Ladder on a Budget my favorite is number 5, 6 & 8 – what’s yours?

#1 Ladder Chandelier

repurposed ladder chandelier

Image source: woohome.com

Wow! A ladder chandelier -this looks incredibly stylish. However, maybe smaller lanterns?

#2 Canopy Ladder

ladder canopy for bedroom repurposed

Image source: remodelingexpense.com

With canopy’s being expensive (depending on the design) this is a real awesome way to repurpose a ladder with an added addition of linens to seal the charm.

#3 Ladder headboard

ladder headboard

Image source: terrysfabrics.co.uk

Flip that ladder horizontally into an impressive way to give your bedroom extra shelving space. Make sure the ladder is firmly secure into place – we don’t want any nightmares!

#4 Pots & Pans Ladder Rack

pots and rack holder repurposed ladder

Image source: curbly.com

Are you getting tired of shuffling through cupboards looking for that perfect pan to just only get a tsunami of pans falling out with it? It’s time to get more organized with a repurposed ladder pan rack.

#5 Clothes Dryer Rack

ladder clothes drying rack

Image source: cathyhobbs.com

Here is one of our favorite ones out of the list. It’s just an incredibly neat way to make a humdrum room as the laundry room look better and more exciting. As exciting as a laundry room could get, at least, ha! 😉

#6 Ladder Bookshelf

ladder bookshelf DIY

Image source: dandelionexpress.wordpress.com

Being the bookworm that I am this is a personal fave that will be incorporated into my home as I can’t keep hiding books in the kitchen pantry – Yeah, It’s that bad!

#7 Nursery Ladder

nursery ladder repurposed

Image source: kidspacestuff.com

Such an adorable way to add storage space for the newest family addition. We all know how much stuff a newborn needs and changing table cabinets just don’t cut it. The ladder can hold baby wipes, spare diapers or just cutesy toys and baby raddles to occupy baby.

#8 Garden Stand Ladder

garden stand for small yards repurposed ladder

Image source: theownerbuildernetwork.co

If you live in an apartment or have little to no yard, but still want to find your inner green thumb here is your chance. This garden plant holder made from an old repurposed ladder can fit comfortably in a small patio or deck when working with minimal space.

#9 Garden Trellis

repurposed ladder trellis upcycleImage source: balconygardenweb.com

Oh my goodness! A beautiful way to repurpose an old ladder as a trellis to add structure and support for the plants in your garden you work hard to maintain and grow. It will also add a rustic decorative flair to the homes landscaping.

#10 Front Porch Decor

front porch decor from repurposed ladder

Image source: bestdsgn.com

Porch decor will never look better especially when it’s affordable. We’re kind of sure the holidays are going to be extra fun to decorate for this year. 🙂

#11 Simple Shelf

repurposed ladder shelf

Image source: hgtv.com

A small, simple shelf idea is utilizing an old repurposed ladder. Nothing grand, but it made it’s way on our list because of the simplicity of the look. Big enough to hold a couple of small picture frames, etc.

#12 Patio Chandelier

diy upcyled lattern chandelier mason jar holder

Image source: homedit.com

Talk about repurposing to the 10th power. Here you have not only a repurposed ladder used as a chandelier holder but mason jars as the light fixtures. Add some tea light candles and the next outdoor dinner party will be a rustic hit!

#13 Bathroom Shelving Towel Storage

ladder shelf for bathroom storage

Image source: feelitcool.com

Add some affordable wire baskets and you have instant storage for your bathroom necessities without hindering the style of the room. Makes a terrific towel and bath suds holder.

#14 Birdhouse Ladder

bird-house ladder

Image source: hometalk.com

Here’s to all you bird lovers out there. Adorable. Nothing more to say than adorable.

#15 Large Living Room Shelf

repurposed ladder old ladder upcycled

Image source: decoist.com

To be honest, we think this idea may be a bit too much, but you never know what’s extreme for one person is ideal for another. It deserved a spot on our list.

If we stumble upon any more creative ways ladders are being repurposed we will promise to update the list. We hope you found some inspirations from our 15 Fun DIY Ideas to Repurpose an Old Ladder on a Budget to get your creative cranium going.

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