DIY Christmas Gifts for Teachers From the Student

Teachers are some of the most important, admirable, and inspiring people in a child’s life. With Christmas coming around the corner wouldn’t it be a wondrous treat to have a student put more into their Christmas gift for their teacher than store bought? Sure, teacher’s deserve gift cards, store items, etc., but when a teacher learns that a gift was built by his/her pupil’s very own hands and ingenuity that is priceless.


We are going to share with you some a small handle of the most creative, adorable, and thoughtful DIY Christmas gifts for Teachers from Students found on the web all bundled and wrapped up in one spot. Ho ho ho – Enjoy!

#1 Reindeer Cocoa Cone

DIY Christmas Gift Teacher

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We’re not too sure if you knew this but, uh, teachers love cocoa and wouldn’t this just be the cutest plus yummiest give your child can give to their teacher? What’s great is that the supplies you purchase will come with enough to gift to multiple teachers your child would have.

Those cute wiggly eyes (Elmer’s glue works great for attaching the eyes to the bag!)

  1. Hot cocoa mix, or packets
  2. Marshmallows
  3. Brown colored pipe cleaners
  4. Red pom poms for the nose
  5. You could use crushed Oreos for the reindeer head or crushed peppermint baking chips shown in the image above.
  6. Clear bags that are cone shaped


You can get the materials at any arts & crafts store and the edible items at, well, you know – grocery store! 😉


#2 Cocoa Ornaments

diy christmas gift ideas

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Take the cocoa idea another step further and make cocoa ornaments. The teacher can enjoy having the ornaments hanging on their Christmas tree with a new cocoa mug waiting patiently for Christmas morning for the cocoa to be poured into it and enjoyed. 🙂

  1. Enough cocoa to evenly distribute to each fillable plastic ornament.
  2. Fillable plastic ornaments (Found at arts & Craft stores or through amazon fillable ornaments)
  3. Mini marshmallows
  4. Peppermint sticks
  5. Christmas ribbon
  6. Gift tag
  7. Lastly, a strong coffee mug

#3 Soup Mix Ornament

diy christmas gift idea ornaments

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Just thinking about those icy cold months ahead makes a bowl of hot soup sound amazing. Your child will have loads of fun making this soup ornament while you get to teach them about recipes.

*Leave ingredients listed behind the gift tag if the teacher may have allergies to certain foods.

You can purchase the fillable ornaments at arts and crafts stores or affordable through amazon 12 count package fillable ornaments

#4 Candy Santa Sleigh

candy santa sleigh

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How adorable is this treat? Use two candy canes for the sleigh, pick our a chocolate Santa figure to lead the way followed by a pile of ribbon wrapped candy goodies. Affordable and the child will have fun eating the leftover candies.

#5 Santa Paint Brush

diy gift teacher

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A specialized gift for your child’s art teacher. A cute Santa paintbrush ornament and the child can personalize it by painting their name on the back of the brush handle!

That’s our starter list, and we will keep adding more as that magical time of year comes closer. T’was the night before Christmas and all through the house with thoughts of DIY Christmas Gifts for Teachers from Students filled their little heads. 🙂