Affordable DIY Christmas Gifts That Will Be Memorable 2016 Edition




Christmas has got to be the most exciting, enjoyable, memorable time of the year when families and friends gather around an enormous fully decorated Christmas tree shining brightly with candy canes hanging with joy. However, once the effects of the heavily spiked egg nog wear off one is left with the bill that comes with all the yuletide festivities and is left feeling more bah humbug than jolly.

It doesn’t have to be the case AT ALL. There are homemade Christmas presents that can be made that will show thought and love a lot better than a gift card or a Christmas ugly sweater (unless that was a DIY ugly Christmas sweater). What’s even better about DIY Xmas gifts are that KIDS can partake in the crafts as well by making DIY Christmas gifts for the teacher.

We scowered the world (Google – kinda similar 🙂 ) to find the best DIY Christmas gifts around shared by some of the most talented bloggers and DIY crafters to put them all in a one-stop shop to ignite your holiday cranium. Without further ado check out our list of Affordable DIY Christmas Gifts That Will Be Memorable 2016 Edition. This is a two-page edition so don’t forget to click on to the next page for all the exciting DIY Christmas gift ideas.

#1 Rootbeer Reindeer

Diy christmas gifts


Perfect for that family member that loves a nice frosty root beer (or beer). All you need to buy is the root beer and some very affordable crafts that are at any arts and crafts store. Wrap the pipe cleaner around the neck underneath the cap and twist into reindeer antlers. Stick on the eyes and nose bada bing!

#2 Hot Cocoa with Kahluahomemade christmas gifts


Everybody loves the smell and taste of hot cocoa during a cold winters day, and a shot of Kahlua hits the right spot because remember the gift recipient is also getting hit with a holiday bill and could use a spiked drink. 🙂 You can find all material at any Hobby Lobby or Arts and Crafts store.

#3 Soup Ornament Xmas Gift Idea for Teacher

diy christmas gift idea ornaments


Students love bringing their teachers in Xmas gifts and educators deserve a kindhearted gift from their students for all the hard work they do.

However, sometimes a teacher is just too busy to drive around town looking for the particular store their gift card is good for, instead, a hot bowl of soup mix with yummy seasonings after a long, cold day of teaching while they grade papers will hit the spot! You can find Fillable Ornaments on Amazon.

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#4 DIY Christmas Gift Ideas for Grandparents

homemade xmas gift for grandparent


Nobody loves homemade gifts more than grandparents. My mother loves getting DIY presents from the grandkids knowing that their cute little hands put love into the gift to always be cherished.

Here is a Christmas globe that the child can put anything they want inside. Arts and craft stores have plenty of miniature inserts that the child can pick. For instance, a Christmas tree surrounded by mini people that look like the child and their grandparent, etc. It would be fun!


diy xmas gift ideas for kids

If you know how to make candles or have some store-bought ones let the kiddies draw with their imagination a little picture for grandma or grandpa wrapped with a Christmas ribbon. Sadly, I don’t think the candle will ever get used. 🙂 Tutorial.


DIY christmas gift idea for grandparents


Grandma’s (and some granddads) love loveeeee baking cookies for their grandkids during visits. Here’s a way that your child can give their grandma a hint on what their favorite cookie is including a printed recipe with mix inside of a mason jar.

#5 DIY Christmas Gift Ideas for Mom

homemad xmas gift for mom

Have a tea cup set that is missing pieces to a set? Take a couple and make tea cup candles for mom!


diy christmas gift ideas that are easy


If mom loves to bake she will love receiving everything she needs to do her baking wrapped up in a brand new oven mitt sealed with a ribbon.

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