How Much Does a Bathroom Remodel Cost & What Does it Come With?




How Much Does a Bathroom Remodel Cost & What Does it Come With? Seems to be a favorite question among homeowner’s looking to sell their home or just liven up the original humdrum looking interior they’ve been staring at each morning while pondering their day on the porcelain throne. Many important decisions are finalized on this throne (and finally conquering the tough levels on candy crush). It should be the best room in the house!

But how much does a bathroom remodel cost and will it come with bells and whistles? The answer to that is a lot of money and not as many whistles as you would hope.

The cost will have to depend on the bathroom remodel budget and a variety of factors. First being the age of the home and if it has gone through prior renovations over the years causing renovators to have to peel away layers of materials to find out what is lurking behind the walls.

Next is are you looking to remodel the entire bathroom or just install new countertops and fixtures.

Additionally, what style are you interested in for the bathroom? Some styles can vary in price example: Rustic may be a lot more affordable than a luxury style bathroom – Plus the square footage can greatly alter the prices.

Cost to remodel bathroom

Based on some research the average cost for a bathroom remodel can vary from $3,000 to $13,000 for a basic style when you need to do a bathroom remodel on a budget.

Basic Bathroom Remodel

basic bathroom upgrade
A mid to upper range bathroom remodel you’re looking at spending $9,000 – to an astounding $32,000 that will entail better lighting fixtures, quality mirrors, new flooring; sink, vanity, and better hardware, etc. You may also get a custom granite countertop, new bathtub, and shower layout. Cabinets that are beautifully finished. The fixtures can include higher-quality copper or brass instead of store-bought fixtures that will not last as long.

Mid-Upper Bathroom Remodel

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A luxury deluxe bathroom is going to show how luxury it can be in the ticket price. For a deluxe bathroom do expect to pay at least $35,000 – $110,000. Yes! That is six figures for a luxury bathroom remodel.

Luxury Bathroom Remodel

luxury bathroom remodel cost

Source: St. Louis Kitchen Remodeling

There you have it. The cost of a bathroom remodel on a budget or mid-range up to luxury can vary the price that your bathroom remodel will be. So the next time you ask yourself How Much Does a Bathroom Remodel Cost & What Does it Come With? Maybe think about many factors that will be involved and talk to a professional.